Well, it’s been a long long time since I have posted anything. I tend to post on Instagram and Facebook because they are more immediate. But not all of you are on those platforms. Plus it’s nice to spread out a bit here as there are no restrictions and I can basically do what I want. So there!

I hope you all had a great holiday season and that your respective new years are going swimmingly. Mine is busy but going well. I have been spending time and money outfitting the studio. I purchased some new monitors, which I’m very excited about. They sound wonderful and accurate (not always the same thing) and will make mixing much easier.


The studio has also been decorated (thanks Laura!) And you can see the lounge area here:

Additionally, I had the bushings replaced on the piano. The instrument dates from around 1914 so it was about time. It feels great to play now. There is further maintenance to be done on it, but one thing at a time.


And it’s amazing what you find in old pianos…not enough money to retire (and none from 1914 dang it), but lots o guitar pics and even that damn missing puzzle piece!

I have also been writing a bit and preparing to release a collection of older songs into the world so stay tuned for that. (See my last post for a new song preview).

Finally, as part of our living room decor, we bought a martini glass/cat tree, as one does! Maggie is quite impressed. So…cheers everyone!



Hello everyone. Man it sure has been a long time since I have posted anything. We have been so busy with the remaining remodel of our house that free time has been at a premium. However, I have been writing songs for the next album and this one is a good candidate, I think. It’s called Speak to Me (From the Corners of Your Mind). Let me know what you think. It’s just a demo recording, no more. In the weeks to come I’ll be posting other works in various stages of progress. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Take care,


PS, the first person to guess which part of the video (i.e. vocals or guitar) was done live gets a free copy of my Into the Night cd. There is a specific clue so please mention it in order to win.



I can’t believe I forgot to post on the website about the release of Into the Night. Sheesh. Well we’ve been so busy around the house with additional remodeling that I have neglected some of my planned promotional activities. Anyway I sure would appreciate everyone giving it a listen on Spotify, Apple Music, You Tube, etc. I have put a lot of heart and soul into the songs I wrote and performed and I hope they will touch some of you.

Links to the album on a few of the major streaming sites are here


But it can be found pretty much anywhere.

Or, if you desire a hard copy it can be purchased here as a CD or download


I hope you’re all having a great Summer. Take care.