Maggie and I performed a couple songs last night on Facebook Live. Here’s a chance for you folks not on Facebook to enjoy. These two songs are from my Into the Night album.

I certainly hope everyone is doing ok. We are fine; Laura has been retired since last May and doesn’t have to leave the house except to procure provisions ;-). Since I do accounting for a tire wholesaler I am deemed essential so I go to work every day. But, I practice an appropriate distancing and sanitizing routine to keep us as safe as can be.

It is certainly a strange time. You all take care, enjoy the music (not just mine, but all the wonderful songs out there) and stay healthy.


Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram are by now familiar with this comic series of me and Maggie that Laura has been putting together. But for those of you who only follow me here we are presenting the nine that have thus far been publicized. So, for your viewing pleasure:

And Happy Black Friday. Here’s hoping your all home and comfortable listening to some tunes!


Steve and Maggie



Well gosh, I blink and another few months go by. A lot has been going on and I post it on social media. Unfortunately I give my actual website short shrift. Here is a video of a couple songs I did in studio this last Monday: Lorelei from my album Into the Night, and The Edge of Sanity which is unreleased at this time. I do a little live to Facebook show every Monday around 8:00 Pacific time. I also released a new album of older tunes that you can access/stream/download here:

And my alter ego Mobile Steve and the Grand Slams also released an album.

I’ll have a separate website for that at some point. Mobile Steve does electronic music.

Otherwise, I’m busy recording and writing more songs for future release. More to come, this time I promise. Thanks everyone and I hope all is well with you all.