Hello everyone, while we’re pushing 110o here in Sacramento I thought I’d send you a cool little instrumental that I wrote last year. It’s called “Peace.” Something we’re all wishing for, both at the global and personal level. Things are going well, I am busy working on overdubs and mixes for a new album. I’m still working my full time job as well as teaching when I can. I hope all of you are doing ok too! Much love and “Peace” to you this weekend.


Man, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted anything. I’m going to try to remember to post something at least once a week. Here is a song from my Into the Night album called “Landslide” I hope everyone is healthy and vaccinated!

Maggie and I performed a couple songs last night on Facebook Live. Here’s a chance for you folks not on Facebook to enjoy. These two songs are from my Into the Night album.

I certainly hope everyone is doing ok. We are fine; Laura has been retired since last May and doesn’t have to leave the house except to procure provisions ;-). Since I do accounting for a tire wholesaler I am deemed essential so I go to work every day. But, I practice an appropriate distancing and sanitizing routine to keep us as safe as can be.

It is certainly a strange time. You all take care, enjoy the music (not just mine, but all the wonderful songs out there) and stay healthy.