Hi Folks, just small updates here.  First, a gig reminder for Saturday, Sept 3 at the Acoustic Den, 4:00. Additionally, I’m working on a couple new songs and practicing old songs. Laura and I are getting what will be the new studio cleared out in anticipation of the forthcoming remodel. We’re getting very excited about it. It will be a great teaching/recording facility and will be combined with a lounge for parents and company.  More to come! Have a great week.

It has been said that music expresses the inexpressible. And aside from the inherent contradiction in that statement, I believe there is some truth to it. Music can bring to mind an indescribable complex of feelings and associations. Not only that, but music has a way of reaching the depths of our emotional centers – bypassing our internal walls which can rise up when we are directly faced with turmoil, or even ecstasy. I find this process working in reverse when I am writing. I am accessing hidden emotions at an unconscious level. And when I look back on what I have written, I am often taken aback at the feelings I am expressing that were consciously unknown to me.

It is my hope that you will feel these things when listening to my songs. That is all I really have to give. I am not a poet, nor a storyteller. I just don’t have talent in those areas. I do have a fairly well-developed sense of irony in addition to a specific political sensibility, but my muse does not lead me to do much with those sentiments in my music. It doesn’t come naturally, and it ends up seeming forced. I am a musician, a songwriter. Music has always been how I experience and project my feelings. And I offer them back to you in hope they will resonate. If they do, then I am gratified. That’s all I want from my art, for others to hear my songs and respond to them.


30 Years


I just want to say a word (or two-hundred and ninety) about my 2012 EP In the Dark of the City. Recorded under my former name: Helicopter Steve. It’s a collection of 5 songs that each present a different picture of urban life. The title song was influenced by David Bowie’s song “Heroes” as well as my interest in Cold War era history. Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that I am at David Bowie’s level as a recording artist, I just love his iconic use of the Berlin Wall as a motif for human relationship and adapted it to my own song as a bit of a tribute.  “In the Dark of the City” is about two lovers who are spies for opposing sides and details what goes through their minds as the wall is coming down. It is the best song on the cd in my opinion. The middle three songs are word paintings, conjuring up images of real and imagined events. These songs are of varying degrees of quality, but I’ll let you decide.  The last song “What is the Reason” is more representative of the inner state of a city dweller, in this case, myself. “What is the Reason,” is my second favorite song on the cd and it makes for a somewhat poignant ending. In the Dark of the City is not a perfect collection, but it is representative of its time as regard to my ability to reach within myself and create. As a classic late-bloomer, my songs are of a much more consistent quality – emotionally and otherwise – these days. Still, I encourage all to pick up a copy of this one either via download or hard copy (where you get the cool cover). http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/helicoptersteve